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April 6th - LS Community Garage Sale
Saturday, April 6th, 7:00am -12:00pm
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Things that are NEW
We want to take this opportunity to thank those residents who attend HOA meetings, crime watch meetings, and/or reach out to staff in other ways.  We do hear you and take in to account every suggestion, idea, and complaint.

A few changes have been made that we would like to make you aware of.  Because our fitness area(s) have had an increase in use, we have purchased additional equipment.  The stair climber has been a huge asset and the dual functional trainer just arrived.  In addition to those items we have replaced “lost” dumbbells and have installed a water fountain. 

We are grateful to all who enjoy the opportunity to rent our clubhouse for their events.  We stay booked often times for 4-6 weeks in advance all year long.  Because of that, we have purchased additional tables and chairs.  Besides our banquet tables and folding chairs, we have added white topped round tables and chairs. To be able to store these new items we also purchased racks to move and store them in our large closet in the clubhouse.  And because of that we unfortunately had to convert the former child’s play area into a storage area for those items that used to be in the closet in the main room. 

Security:  As one can imagine, there are a lot of people in and out of the clubhouse with events and with the use of our fitness areas.  Cameras have been installed in and around the clubhouse. Unfortunately, things happen and although the amenity cards tell us who is in the building, there are times when we need to determine responsibility for accidents and incidents.

For additional community information go to or visit our 2 HOA supported Facebook pages; Lakeshore Community Crime Watch and Lakeshore HOA. 

Crime Watch
Keeping our Lakeshore neighborhoods safe from criminal mischief, vandalism and other criminal activities is a responsibility of all of us who live here. Not only should we be concerned about our own personal property but, we should also be concerned about what happens to our neighborhood
Precinct 4 Constables Website Home Page   The main page ( has a link to "Report It" in which you can record and securely store serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts so that your items may be easily identified in the event of theft or loss. Under the "Online Services" tab ( residents can submit "Home Inspection Requests" as well as "Vacation Watch" requests.
Participation in Neighborhood Watch is not something that takes a lot of time. It does require each person to adopt a more observant and active attitude on a daily basis.
As a result, neighbors will get to know each other better and will become more aware of strange cars, persons or circumstances that might require calling the police.
What participants do to make their homes more secure and how alert they become is entirely up to them. The more prepared individuals are, the more effective they will be as a weapon against crime.
• Get to know your neighbors. Know their names and be able to identify them and their vehicles by sight.
• Maintain a map of the immediate neighborhood with names and addresses.
• Mark all property for identification using the “Operation Identification” program.
• Be observant and watch over neighbors’ homes, especially when they are not at home or out of town.
• Write down license numbers and descriptions of suspicious-looking vehicles and persons in the neighborhood (the camera in your cell phone can be a very effective tool in this regard) and report them to the police immediately.
• Report information that may be helpful in solving a crime to the police.
• Educate children in crime prevention. Teach them respect and friendship for law enforcement officers.


Lakeshore Crime Watch


1st Quarter 2018       

2nd Quarter 2018  

3rd Quarter 2018


Theft Other: 1

Suspicious Persons: 3  

Suspicious Vehicles: 3 

Disturbance Other: 3

Other Calls: 284

Alarms: 2




Burglary Vehicle: 6

Suspicious Persons: 5

Suspicious Vehicles: 4

Disturbance-Family: 2

Other Calls: 90

Alarms: 6


Burglary Vehicle: 1

Theft Habitation: 1

Disturbance Other: 4

Suspicious Vehicle: 11

Suspicious Person: 1

Other Calls: 256

Alarms: 1


Suspicious Persons: 2 

Suspicious Vehicles: 3 

Phone Harassment:  1 

Runaways: 1

Other Calls: 431

Alarms:  4


Theft Habitation: 1

Suspicious Vehicles: 3

Disturbance-Family: 1

Criminal Mischief: 1

Other Calls: 218

Alarms: 4


Criminal Mischief: 1

Disturbance-Family: 1

Disturbance Other: 1

Suspicious Vehicles: 7

Other Calls: 72

Alarms: 1


Theft Other: 1

Suspicious Vehicles: 4


Disturbance Juvenile:1

Disturbance Other: 3

Other Calls: 52


Suspicious Vehicles: 3

Disturbance Other: 1

Disturbance Juvenile: 1

Criminal Mischief:  1

Other Calls: 89

Alarms: 1


Disturbance Juvenile: 2

Disturbance Other: 1

Suspicious Vehicle: 7

Suspicious Person: 2

Other Calls: 219



Lakeshore Report
For copies of our Lakeshore Newsletter Click Here to be taken directly to the website directly. Lakeshore is just one of the many communities Peel Inc. provides newsletter services to. If you are interested in advertising your business in the newsletter please contact Peel, Inc. directly at  If you would like to submit an article, information, or photos to be published, please email them to 


Clubhouse Calendar
Private Party
Sunday, March 31, 2019
Private Party
Friday, April 5, 2019
Private Party
Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lakeshore "Access Card" Examples

Lakeshore Fitness Room
Open Daily from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm
**Accessible only with an Amenities Card**
Please observe the times above / Alarm is ON
Please observe the MINIMUM Age 16 
         "NO Loitering Allowed"

2019 Lakeshore Pool Season
"Weekends Only" 
May 4th - May 31st
(includes Memorial Day 3 day weekend)
"Summer Season" 
 June 1st - August 19th
(closed every Monday for maintenance)
"Weekends Only"  School starts August 20th
 August 25th - September 8th 
(includes Labor Day 3 day weekend)
Access cards:
Pools  -  6 guest per card   10AM to 8PM
Tennis Courts - First come basis
Fitness Center  5AM to 11PM

Pool Rules

Pool Rules


Violations of the swimming pool rules will not be tolerated. Violators will be asked to leave the pool area by the lifeguards. Lifeguards have the ultimate authority in all matters. Violator’s pool privileges can be revoked by the HOA Board of Directors.


  1. Each individual access card holder shall allow entry of up to six (6) people.
  2. Guests shall be accompanied at all times by an access card holder.   Card holder shall be responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.
  3. Entry into the pool enclosure or swimming without a lifeguard present is prohibited.
  4. The gate to the pool enclosure shall be closed and latched after entering or leaving the pool area (Texas State Law 757.004).
  5. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, weapons or illegal substances of any kind are permitted within the pool enclosure.
  6. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, 18 years or older, at all times.
  7. No one shall knowingly enter the pool enclosure, or permit a child or guest to do so while suffering from any contagious disease or with an open wound or sore.
  8. Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pool. Cutoffs are prohibited. A covering such as a “T” shirt may be worn for sun protection.
  9. Proper swimming diapers with plastic liners or “swimmies” are required for all non-toilet trained infants. Disposable diapers are not permitted in the pool.
  10. Showers should be taken prior to entering the pool.
  11. No diving, running or horseplay is permitted in the pool enclosure.
  12. No pets/animals are permitted in the pool enclosure. Certified assistance pets are permitted.
  13. No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or other wheeled vehicles are permitted inside the pool enclosure. Wheelchairs, small wagons and strollers are permitted.
  14. Noise and activities must be kept to a minimum level so as to not disturb others.
  15. All beverages and food for consumption must be in unbreakable containers. No food or beverage consumption is permitted while in the pool.
  16. All litter shall be properly disposed of and not permitted to blow into the pool.
  17. If a long whistle blast is heard everyone in the pool shall immediately get out of the water. Wait for an all clear signal from the lifeguard before re-entering the pool.


These rules have been established in an effort to make the pool a safe and sanitary operation for the enjoyment of all.


By entering the pool enclosure you  agree to abide by the posted rules. The Association or its Managing Agent may take action to impose fines or suspend use of the facility to anyone held in violation of these rules.


 Tuesday through Sunday

10:00am to 8:00pm

Closed on Monday for maintenance

Lake Houston Spillway/Tainter Gates
Lake Houston is part of the San Jacinto River Basin, the lake is owned by City of Houston & managed by CWA. 

Volunteers Needed
We are currently looking for volunteers to help out with the monthly newsletter.  We need information as well as writers.  If you have an interest please email  
We are also looking for volunteers to help with various things around the community.  If you have an interest in landscaping, tennis or helping with the pool area, please send an email to the above address.  


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