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April 1st - Community Easter Party 3-5 pm
Saturday, April 1st at Lakeshore Clubhouse
You don't want to miss this; 
Saturday, April 1, from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. 
 Food, entertainment, balloon art, games, egg hunt and 
Those who can volunteer for set up please arrive around 1:00. Volunteers will also be needed to help hide eggs around 3:00.  We schedule the egg hunt so that all ages will have an opportunity to find eggs.  The tentative schedule is as follows:  
3:30 pm:  0-3 yrs old
3:45-4:00 pm:  4-8 yrs old
4:15 pm:  9 yrs old and up
Also, any Lakeshore resident who has a home business can set up a canopy or table to sell/advertise their goods in the parking lot area.  No need for reservations as it is first come/first serve. 
April 8th - AM Community Garage Sale
Saturday, April 8th
Community Garage Sale

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Crime Watch
Keeping our Lakeshore neighborhoods safe from criminal mischief, vandalism and other criminal activities is a responsibility of all of us who live here. Not only should we be concerned about our own personal property but, we should also be concerned about what happens to our neighbor’s property.
Acts of crime can have a “spillover effect.” And, Texas law does give you the right to protect your neighbor’s property. You can find more information on protecting one’s property on the Internet. Texas Penal Code § 9.41 Protection of One’s Own Property; §9.42 Deadly Force to Protect Property; and, §9.43 Protection of Third Party’s Property.
I am by no means advocating or encouraging use of force in protecting your property. This is just to create an awareness of your rights. We observe and report. IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION SHOULD BE GIVEN TO PRECINCT 4 CONSTABLE’S DISPATCH (281-376-3472).
If we can generate enough interest, and participation, at our next Crime Watch Meeting (Lakeshore Clubhouse Tuesday, April 11 at 7:00PM), I would like to discuss development of a Neighborhood Watch program.
WHAT IS NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH? Crime or the fear of crime provides the impetus for residents to become better informed on how to protect themselves and their property. Neighborhood Watch operates under two principles: 1) when neighbors get to know and watch out for each other, they watch out for each other’s property as though it was their own. 2) Neighborhood Watch helps to create an identity within the neighborhood, which in turn fosters a sense of pride, and belonging for the participants.
Neighbors are asked to be the eyes and ears in helping the police in apprehending criminals. Neighborhood Watch is not designed to substitute for police protection. Rather, it is an extension or supplement in assisting the police in making neighborhoods safer for all residents.
Participation in Neighborhood Watch is not something that takes a lot of time. It does require each person to adopt a more observant and active attitude on a daily basis.
As a result, neighbors will get to know each other better and will become more aware of strange cars, persons or circumstances that might require calling the police.
What participants do to make their homes more secure and how alert they become is entirely up to them. The more prepared individuals are, the more effective they will be as a weapon against crime.
• Get to know your neighbors. Know their names and be able to identify them and their vehicles by sight.
• Maintain a map of the immediate neighborhood with names and addresses.
• Mark all property for identification using the “Operation Identification” program.
• Be observant and watch over neighbors’ homes, especially when they are not at home or out of town.
• Write down license numbers and descriptions of suspicious-looking vehicles and persons in the neighborhood (the camera in your cell phone can be a very effective tool in this regard) and report them to the police immediately.
• Report information that may be helpful in solving a crime to the police.
• Educate children in crime prevention. Teach them respect and friendship for law enforcement officers.

Lakeshore Crime Watch 
Fourth Quarter 2016 Statistics
October 2016:
Disturbance Juvenile: 1     Disturbance Other: 1     Alarms: 11     Suspicious Vehicles: 9
Suspicious Persons: 3       Phone Harassment: 1     Other Calls: 432
Tickets Issued: 44
November 2016:
Suspicious Vehicles: 8     Disturbance Other: 5      Alarms: 2     Suspicious Persons: 1
Other Calls: 349     Tickets Issued: 36
December 2016:
Theft Vehicle: 1    Theft Habitation: 1     Criminal Mischief: 1     Disturbance Juvenile: 1
Disturbance Other: 2     Alarms: 3       Suspicious Vehicles: 4       Suspicious Persons: 3
Other Calls: 346 Tickets Issued: 29

Volunteers Needed
We are currently looking for volunteers to help out with the monthly newsletter.  We need information as well as writers.  If you have an interest please email  
We are also looking for volunteers to help with various things around the community.  If you have an interest in landscaping, tennis or helping with the pool area, please send an email to the above address.  

Lakeshore Report
For copies of our Lakeshore Newsletter click the appropriate link below.  If you are interested in advertising your business in the newsletter please contact Peel, Inc. directly at  If you would like to submit an article, information, or photos to be published, please email them to 

Landscape Committee
Beginning in May and running through September 2017, the Lakeshore Community will initiate the "Yard of the Month" program.  Each month, nominations will be taken for two homes (one on each side of West Lake Houston Parkway).  If there are insufficient nominations, the Landscape Committee will select the homes.
Also on December 16 th, homes will be judged for Holiday decorations/lights.

1.  Selections/judging will take place on May 20, June 17, July 22, August 19, and September 16.  
2.  Homeowners must be in good standing with the HOA with no violations of Bylaws and/or Covenants. 
3.  Landscaping committee members are not eligible to win. 
4.  No resident will receive Yard of the Month more than once in any calendar year. 
5  Yard of the Month signs will placed in the yard on the 1st day of the month where it is most visible from the street. 
6.  Winners on both sides will be acknowledged in the Lakeshore Newsletter with a picture of their yard and a brief narrative about the family and their care of the yard.  Winners will also be awarded gift cards donated by the Lakeshore HOA, Kingwood Garden Center, Ace Atascocita and a magazine subscription from Better Homes and Gardens.   
1.  Weekly mowing and edging of the yard. 
2.  Flower beds free of weeds, seasonal color, regular mulching of flower beds, all shrubs trimmed properly, insect control, and a lush green, healthy lawn.  
3.  Yard must be free of debris and clutter (i.e. trash containers, recycle bins, etc) (10.05).
4.  All plants must be living, no artificial plants (19.6).
5.  No decorative appurtenances, e.g. sculptures, birdbaths, bird houses, fountains, or other decorative embellishments like frogs, gnomes, etc.  This applies to the front yard only.  (13.1)
6.  All basketball goals should be placed on the side of the driveway, as far to the rear of the property as possible (3.1) and if a portable goal, the base should be screened from view from the street.  (3.8) 
NOTE:  Items in parenthesis refers to the By-law/Declaration of Covenants section.

USW application
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Clubhouse Reservations
Mud Board Meeting
Thursday, March 30, 2017
Lakeshore Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 1, 2017
Private Party
Saturday, April 8, 2017
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Lakeshore Pool Season
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